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Fees & Rebates

Individual Therapy Sessions are $240 per 50-minute session.

After hours appointments (after 5pm) are available at $260 per 50-minute session.


Medicare and Private Health rebates may be available depending on your eligibility 

MEDICARE REBATE MHCP- Mental Health Care Plan

You may be eligible to access a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP or referral from your psychiatrist; this would enable you to receive a Medicare rebate of up to $131.65 per session. 

Your MHCP must be dated on or before your session in order to claim the rebate. The Medicare rebate is typically available for up to ten sessions per calendar year, with an additional ten sessions available (for a total of 20 appointments).


Therapy sessions are often able to be reimbursed by most private health care funds. This reimbursement cannot be claimed in conjunction with Medicare. Speak with your insurer to see what benefits you may be eligible for.

NDIS- National Disability Insurance Scheme

Individual therapy can be provided to clients who are plan or privately managed. A service agreement will be organised at the time of your initial appointment.

DVA- Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veteran Affairs and Defence personnel often encounter unique problems due to their experiences and exposure. Consequently, specialised treatment is available for current or ex-serving military personnel with a valid DVA referral from their psychiatrist or GP. 

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